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GrandBridge Energy



  • Shut your computer down when not in use to save electricity and reduce wear on your system.
  • Electronic devices left plugged in, even when turned off, still draw (phantom or standby power. )
  • Plug the following electronics into a power bar with a timer or auto-shut off and make sure they are off during periods of inactivity. For example: television, home theatre system, computer, monitor, printer, scanner, rechargeable devices (MP3 players, cell phones, battery chargers etc.), and game console – you could help save up to 15% of your electricity use.
  • When replacing your computer, look for an ENERGY STAR© qualified model and consider a laptop – they use less electricity than a desktop.
  • ENERGY STAR© models have an automatic power-down function that will switch the monitor into sleep mode after a set period of inactivity.