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GrandBridge Energy


Renewable Energy Generation

Net Metering

Net metering allows you to send excess electricity generated from renewable resources to the distribution system for a credit toward your energy costs. 

Our Net Metering Program is available to any GrandBridge Energy customer who generates electricity, primarily for their own use from a renewable energy source (wind, water, solar radiation or agricultural biomass).

How does my Net-Metering Account work?

We read your bi-directional meter at the beginning of each month through two channels, a forward channel (power from the GrandBridge grid) and a reverse channel (power generated by net-metering sent to the GrandBridge Energy grid).

The net-metering generation can reduce your bill but it will not eliminate your bill. The power generated by the net-metering generator will apply against the load in the house. You must consume more power in the home than what is generated in order for 100 per cent of your generated kWhs to transfer to your bill.

Any kWhs that are generated but not transferred to your bill are held for 12 months and can be applied to future bills. On the 12th month, any unapplied kWhs are lost and you begin to build them up again over the next year.

We credit your hydro bill with generation produced from your panels, however, you are still subject to service fees and charges on your hydro bill. You will receive two statements each month. One for your home and one for your Net Meter account.

What is Required?

Net Metering is a multi-step process that requires careful consideration. Applicants are cautioned NOT to incur any expenses until GrandBridge Energy approves to connect the proposed generation facility. 

General Technical Requirements for Distributed Generation (.PDF)

Here is a link for the Steps to Apply for Net Metering

For more information about the net metering program, please see the Ontario Regulation 541/05 – Net Metering and Ontario Regulation 274/18 – Siting Restrictions or email [email protected]

Generation Restriction Notice

On May 15, 2014, GrandBridge Energy Inc. (formerly Brantford Power Inc.), received notice from Hydro One of a generation restriction on the Brantford Transformer Station Z bus, effective May 1, 2014.  Hydro One’s monthly review of the Brantford Transformer Station identified a short circuit limitation resulting in the restriction of future connection of all generation.

Hydro One Restricted Station Notification

For a map of feeders affected by the Hydro One restriction please see Brantford Transformer Station Z bus restrictions.  Note all even numbered Brantford Transformer Station feeders are included in the restriction.

GrandBridge Energy connects Distributed Energy Resources to Ontario’s electricity grid. These Distributed Energy Resources include solar panels, combined heat and power plants, energy storage facilities, and natural gas-fueled generators.