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Measuring Brantford Power

October 1, 2018

The Ontario Energy Board (OEB) has released its annual Scorecard, measuring Brantford Power’s performance in the key areas of Customer Focus, Operational Effectiveness, Public Policy Responsiveness and Financial Performance.

Brantford Power’s 2017 English Scorecard
Brantford Power’s 2017 French Scorecard

January 1, 2019 Distribution Rate Application

Brantford Power Inc. has applied to its regulator, the Ontario Energy Board (OEB), to raise its electricity distribution rates effective January 1, 2019.

Notice of Application

Brantford_NoA – Elec – EDR (IRM)_09052018_FINAL

Rate Application

Brantford_IRM Application 2019_ 20180813

Supporting Evidence

Accounts 1588 and 1589 questions_Brantford_20180831_FINAL
Attachment H1 – Brantford_2011 to 2013 IESO CDM Persistence_2017 08 14Attachment H2 – Brantford_2014 Brantford IESO CDM_2017 08 14Attachment H3 – 2017 Final Verified Annual LDC CDM Program Results_Brantford Power Inc.Brantford_Account-1595-Workform-20180813Brantford_Cover Letter_IRM_Model Update_20180824
Brantford_GA_Analysis_Workform_20180813Brantford_LRAMVA_Work_Form_3.0_20180813Brantford_Proposed 2019Tariff Sheet_20180813Corrected_2019-IRM-Rate-Generator-Model-20180824