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GrandBridge Energy


Access to Electrical Equipment

“Green boxes” or pad-mounted transformers, as well as meters located on private property, need to be cleared of any obstructions by the customer and/or owner. Obstructions may include vegetation, structures and or landscaping. Removal of any obstruction by GrandBridge Energy will be at the expense of the customer and/or property owner.

Transformers are vital to the electrical distribution system and GrandBridge Energy relies on homeowners and businesses to keep at least 3 meters of clearance in front of the transformer and 1.5 meters on the sides in order to gain access to the electrical components for maintenance or emergency work.

The same applies to meters. It is required they be located 1.0 meters minimum from windows, doors and other openings or obstructions in all directions. For townhouses and row buildings this may be reduced to a minimum 600mm.

If you have questions, call us at 519-751-3522 or 1-877-871-2215 before you begin any landscaping, fencing, plant removal or construction near a transformer or meter.