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GrandBridge Energy


Small Businesses

  • Install energy efficient compact fluorescent lamps(CFL) which provide the same lighting level and warmer, more-comfortable lighting colour than standard incandescent light bulbs at a fraction of the cost.
  • Install new high efficiency T8 and T5 fluorescent tubes which last longer (up to 16 years), cast attractive lighting colour and need less maintenance than standard T12 lamps. The new ballasts for the T8s and T5s – electronic instead of magnetic – make the system more efficient and best of all eliminate the annoying hum and flicker.
  • Use recommended thermostat set points: Every degree of cooling increases energy use by 4 to 5%.
  • A programmable thermostat automatically controls temperature settings and saves on heat and cooling costs.
  • Increase the efficiency of a heating and cooling system by preventing heat gain or loss with insulation, weather-stripping around doors, and shades, awnings or tinting over windows.
  • Keep computers on standby. Computers are only used on average 10% of the time they are turned on.
  • Consider using ink-jet printers which consume less energy than laser printers.
  • Use energy smart power strips that sense when equipment is not in use.

Source: Race to Reduce – Ways to Reduce – Toronto Hydro