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GrandBridge Energy

Power Outages

Power Outages

At GrandBridge Energy, delivering a safe and reliable supply of electricity is important to us. However, unscheduled power outages sometimes happen due to extreme weather or unforeseen equipment failure. To respond to calls regarding power outages and provide information about planned and unplanned outages, GrandBridge Energy has customer service, system control and crews available 24/7.

Stay safe and stay back at least 10 metres from downed powerlines.

View Our Outage Map

Get consistent, timely, 24/7 updates on the locations of all planned and unplanned outages across our service territory, including cause and restoration status on the mobile-friendly Outage Map

Note: It can take up to 15 minutes from the time of the outage until the system updates the Outage Map – so when looking at the Outage Map, please give it a few minutes from the start of the outage until it registers on the map. The map will update once new information is known. For privacy, only outages affecting more than 3 customers will display.

Call the Toll-Free Outage Info Line

To report an outage not already showing on the Outage Map, call the toll-free 24-Hour Outage Info Line at 1-833-769-3701.

If you don’t see the outage on the Outage Map after 15 minutes, please call the Outage Info Line to report it. Your real-time call will trigger GrandBridge Energy to investigate and dispatch crews if necessary.

Before You Call

To reduce unnecessary service calls, please check to ensure the power interruption at your location is not caused by a tripped breaker or blown fuse in your electrical panel. Also, check with your neighbours to see if their power is out.

Power Outage Tips

Power Quality Issues

The OEB Guide to Addressing Power Quality Issues supports GrandBridge Energy and its customers in identifying, investigating, and mitigating power quality issues, such as voltage variations and harmonic distortion that can cause electrical equipment malfunctions or failures. Note: The Guide does not cover issues related to farm stray voltage or the reliability of the electricity supply.